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This is me, typically, on March 18th. I’m a professional folks…I do this at home.

This is just a mix of some cool stuff that came across my face for the upcoming St. Patty’s celebrations. I am not an events calendar, but some very cool people with cool ties are involved in these chosen events for the all hailed St. Patty’s Day weekend, and a little beyond. Just wanted to point out some of the smaller corners of the world here for that weekend.



Matt Monroe has only been doing standup for less than two years…(which is like 40 in dog years.)  He’s done his time on the road with college gigs and Everyone In The Bar Is Drunk and Loud and Not Listening to the Comedian gigs.  (Most bars in Denver.) He was also a featured stand up in the Laugh Track Comedy Festival in Denver last year as well as performing in the Fringe Festival in L.A.   I say this is pretty good for a new guy.  Comedy is a hard road, and in the meantime, when he’s not at any of the numerous open mic nights in the city, he also books, runs, and markets a comedy show in Denver at Lannies Clock Tower.Propaganda! Is Matt’s baby from the ground up. Matt is the catalyst for much comedy in Denver via Propaganda; booking comedians like L.A.’s Rory Scovel, New York’s Sean Patton, and also from L.A.,Kyle KinanePropaganda’s show planned for St. Patty’s Day Sunday March 17th, features Harrison Rains (Mile Hi Sci-Fi) , Bob Meddles (Comedyworks), Christie Buchele (Comedyworks),  Katie Anderson (Denver Improv) and Brett Hiker (Breaking Bad and all over DENVER.) and possibly Bobby Valentino and the Mexican Fuck Machine…(the only link I could find on this elusive man…who may be beating out the Most Interesting Man for coolness.)   THE SHOW IS FREE.  It is held the last Sunday of every month.  Lannie’s Link here, so you can see pics of the featured comedians.  I also wanted to give a shout out to another Stand Up, Mara Wiles, part of Ladyface. (This lady comedy outfit is a whole ‘nother blog topic…) Mara was in Matt’s last show and recently had surgery for a kidney transplant.  Please send love and or money and or chocolate somehow.  We need our comedy peeps. Donate here.

Another Event for St. Drunkies Day:


We almost have the same jacket.

If this party bus thing goes well, Aaron will book another musical mystery tour.  So eat up those tickets they are going fast.  Its Bar Hopping in Fun Loud Bus style.  It’s the night BEFORE St. Pat’s for those of you going on a real bender for the weekend.  DJ Rockstar A has played in some of the biggest venues in Denver with some pretty big named stars.  I saw him a few weeks ago at a little Polish hangout, with an extensive infused Vodka menu, iced tables, Polish speaking staff who break out in dance, and probably one of the most eclectic mix of patrons I’ve seen in an equally eclectic venue in our fair city.  Everyone was practically taking their clothes off because of his tunes. (And possibly the vodka infusions…) He can definitely mix up the genres, decades and mash up some musical wunderbar.


Scruffy Murphy’s:

With 20 taps, and 50 whiskeys, Scruffy Murphy’s on St. Patty’s day sounds nuts…but Scruffy’s is always there for us and has one of the best music line ups around for this Alcoholic Irish holiday.  John Elliot is managing partner since 2008, also co-owner of KJ’s Coffee Bar in Whittier.  Another man with many irons in the fire.  He recently leased out half of Scruffy’s to a television show, HotMixology Lounge.  I was at Scruffy’s a few weeks ago and the side door kept opening with people ‘from the other side’ and in my glimpses of beyond the door, it looked like the inside of  ‘I Dream of Jeanie’s’ bottle in there…I much prefer my brick and mortar fightin’ and drinkin’ place, but I wondered wtf was up.  This is all very involved and intertwined and I only found out because I spoke to John, whom you’d never know is such a busy guy with his calm demeanor; as he was hauling in groceries at KJ’s and stopped to talk to me.  : )  So onto the music extravaganza:


The one band I want to give a shout out to, whom I hope you make it to Scruffy’s for, is Broke Bridge.  ImageThey claim to be a grass n’ roll string band, a little blue grass, a little rock and roll, but I’m tellin’ you, this girl: Lucia Thomas, who plays for Broke Bridge, can belt out a Celtic ballad with her voice and fiddle that you will drop your shillelaghs for. I should have known she played with the Tanukis; one of my fave bands from my music review days.  I’m sure they will pull out all the tribal Celtic stops for the Scruffy’s show.  Lucia is amazing and you will not be sorry.  Find some of her tunes here.


If you miss Lucia and the Boys on St. Pat’s, catch them at Cervantes on March 21st. where the bar holds their Grass for That AssThursday’s calling forth some of Denver’s best ‘local pickers.’  Broke Bridge has been together for the last three years, and it seems, is playing all over the place within a rocks throw as I see their name everywhere.  I highly suggest them, despite your musical tastes; they will surprise you.  I say this because I myself, am not a big blue grass fan, but I was doin’ shots of whiskey with the best of them at Scruffy’s after my first listen of them.  (See?  I still can’t even talk right.)

Other Stuff Going On Not Having Anything to do with Drinking:


March 16th is the Courage to Rise National Day of Action Against Abuse Yoga for Healing event with WE Rise Denver!  This was brought to my attention via Titwrench Fest’s Facebook page.  Whom I found out about via CougarPants when I interviewed them here.  Titwrench Fest is brought to you by Piper Rose, emcee extraordinaire along with director of Titwrench, Sarah Slater…and so many cool women peeps, Piper is the contact YOGI for this event as well.  (I feel a bigger blog about Piper coming on…)  This is a Yoga event put together to raise awareness and fight abuse, view two movie screenings and get into some yoga if you’ve never tried it; all for a good cause.  Total opposite of the debauchery of any St. Pats celebrations but I like to appeal to all walks of peeps here on Happy FunTime.  Watch the video here.  The event is at Kindness Yoga at 13th and Sherman.  Its pretty amazing what changes you can make in your life via YOGA.  Other participating cities are LA * SF * SLC * Boston * Kauai * Denver * Berkeley * Albequerque.

Contact DENVER: Piper Rose
or friend them on Facebook here.

That’s it for now, I’m sure there is a WHOLE BUNCH O’ STUFF goin on for St. Patrick’s Day, and like I said, this is just a tiny corner of the world of which is HFT World.  Enjoy.


Erin go bragh Garth.

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